Crossroads Founders

In the early 1990’s we felt the stirrings of the Holy Spirit leading us to start a new kind of church in our area. Where community was based on real relationships with God and with each other. Where believers could grow in their faith as they sharpened one another, and where spiritual seekers were welcomed and the truths of Christianity were clearly explained. A church where genuine worship reflected current music styles, where the arts were integrated and change was embraced. In 1993, along with a group of 14 others, we planted Crossroads. Over the years we have seen people come to faith, rediscover faith in Jesus, grow in steady next steps – all in the context of authentic community.  We’re so thankful that God allowed us to be part of the Crossroads story! And once again in 2018 we began to feel the stirrings of the Spirit to do a new thing. Taking what we’ve learned about serving the church in healthy ways, we have launched a new ministry called “Breathe” - helping pastors and spouses to live whole, well-balanced lives. You can check out what we’re doing at