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Help with one of the pressing needs outlined in service

THANK YOU for stepping up to serve.

Please fill in your details below and the area you are interested in helping with and you will be contacted about training, scheduling and jumping in!

Take Down - we will show you what needs to be done and how to do it!

Lobby - pack up signs, tables and bathrooms

Lights - disassemble light towers

Stage - lift staging and pack away

Truck Loading - move carts from school out to van and load

Student Ministry Leaders - we are looking for people who want to connect with students and help them connect with Jesus. There is training for everyone who is interested in this ministry.

Worship Team - if you are interested in being a part of our worship team Marvin would love to chat with you, find out about your talents and walk you through the 'on-boarding' process to join the team. We are looking for instrumentalists and vocalists.

Got questions?

Take Down questions email Leanne [email protected]

Student Ministry questions email Scruff [email protected]

Worship Team questions email Marvin [email protected]