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A message from our friends at GCEC 12/25/2021


Please continue to pray for the students and teachers of GCEC - they are on break this week and will return to school Monday 10/11.

Girum, Liydiya, Jamie and Ali have been working hard to provide a meal everyday for every student - please pray for continued provision. Please pray for the school cook as well - her health is poor but she continues to work hard for the students.

Jamie was able to partner with AIM Academy and secure a donation of 15 laptops for the students - after much red tape and frustrating delays, they have arrived and are being set up at the school.

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Thank you for your support!


Thank you for praying.

Liydiya has been allowed to distribute food to the students of GCEC.

The plan is to have 2 grades come to the school each day to collect food - this will cover all 10 grades in a week.

A parent must accompany their student to the school on their assigned day. This way Liydiya can speak with the parents about making food last until the next weeks distribution and she can also check up on the health of our students.

We were able to send our first month of food money last week - thank you for your generous giving.

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Hello Crossroads Family -

Thank you so much for your continued support of the

GCEC staff and students.

A couple of weeks back we made a request for donations to purchase food for GCEC students and their families ($16 per month feeds a family).

You have responded so generously.

Today we bring a PRAYER REQUEST to go alongside your giving.

Liydiya has asked we pray specifically that the Area Chief will give her permission to distribute a daily meal to the students from the gates of the school buildings.

If they can get permission she feels this will ensure the students will be fed consistently while school is out.

Please pray for a way to be made for a food program to be allowed.


Thank you in advance for praying!

Leanne and the GCEC Team

Checkout this video for a smile today! This is Joseph, a GCEC student. Liydiya bumped into him on her recent visit to the village. He was so excited to perform some songs that he has written since being out of school. He dreams of being 'a great artist one day.' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oXGLSl9_-I8

Hello GCEC Supporters!

It has been a while since we have sent an update - I apologize for this.

It has been unusual times for all of us and the Covid-19 pandemic has affected GCEC in huge ways. Here are the main points:

1. Unfortunately schools have been closed by the Kenyan government until 2021. Reopening will come with new requirements for social distancing and hygiene. Students are also being asked to repeat the grade they entered in the 2019-2020 school year.

2. The school closure has come with restrictions on Liydiya and Girum using the school buildings and the time they can spend in the village.

3. GCEC students are no longer receiving a meal during the day, which for some is their main food source. Many families have lost employment due to Covid-19.

4. Good news is that currently there are minimal cases of the coronavirus in the village of Njathaini despite growing numbers in Nairobi.

With continued support from you and partnership with

Crossroads Community Church:

1. We have been able to support families with food vouchers and continue to pay teachers their salaries, for which they are very thankful.

Here is a note from a teacher: 

Thank you so much, nilienda kauangalia account yangu Nika pata kitu I was so happy, may God bless you forever. Translation: I checked my account and found money, now I can have something to eat.

2. We have been able to meet the monthly expenses of rent, school licenses, salaries and food for some elderly Njathaini villagers.

For those of you that donated funds to our Jumpstart Njathaini 2020 campaign we have been unable to direct all the funds as originally planned but have used funds to provide food for families during this time and plan further use to aid in the return to school in 2021. Additional desks, building space and hygiene stations will be required. We are committed to using local resources and labor to meet these needs.

Our plan for the next six months is to continue to make sure families are fed.

It costs $16 per family for food vouchers (per month)

We wish to support our 100 GCEC families.

That is $1600 per month from now until December.

If you are able to help us meet this need please GIVE!

Below are screenshots and links to guide you through our online giving platform Tithe.ly.

If you would like to join us in prayer, please pray for continued health, protection and provision for the GCEC families and wisdom as the team plans for a possible return

to school in 2021.

Thank you in advance for your support!

Leanne and the GCEC Team

- Click on website " https://gceckenya.org/"

- Click on the "Donate" Button:

-Click on the "TITHE.LY" "Donate" button.

- To use your Tithe.ly account OR to create an account Click on the "Login / Sign Up" button.

- For a one time gift (no account required) simply fill in the boxes and click on the "Give" button (scroll down for one time 6 month donation instructions)

- The following screen will be displayed. If you already have an account, enter your Email, Password and click on "Log In" button.

You will then be prompted for your Pin Number.

- If you do not have an account, click on "Create Account".

- Follow instructions to Create a new account and hit the "Submit" button.

- After logging in, the following screen will be displayed.

- For Monthly Contributions of $16/Month per family:

- Enter 16.00 for "Amount:".

- On the "Give to:" row, select "Food Donation - $16 per family per month".

- Enter your Credit Card Information

- If you would like to cover the credit card fees, click on the "Cover Fees" switch. This will add $.79 per month.

- Click on "Setup automated giving" switch

- On the "Give:" row, select "Every Month".

- On the "On the" row, select what day of the month to charge the $16 per month.

- Click on the "Give $16.79" button.

- For a One time donation for 6 Months of the "$16/month Family Food Fund":

- Enter $96.00 for "Amount:"

- On the "Give to:" row, select "Food Donation - $16 per family per month".  

- Enter your Credit Card Information

- If you would like to cover the credit card fees, click on the "Cover Fees" switch. This will add a total of $3.18.

- Click on the "Give $99.18" button.