All you need to know about worship service in Trumbull, Sundays @9am

All you need to know about our Trumbull Worship Gathering

Our in-person Trumbull Worship Gathering will be held at

3115 Reservoir Ave, Trumbull

Service will be at 9am on Sunday Mornings.

We have both chair seating and table seating available - if you need space to sit with your kids or a place to put your coffee grab a table.

When we spend time in Emotionally Healthy Relationships (1 week a month) we will offer both table group discussion and facilitated discussion in the chair section - please choose a space that makes you feel comfortable.

KidsRoads: 0 years - 5th grade available

Kids will remain in service for worship and then be dismissed to KidsRoads class.

See more info below.