Message Notes

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Palm Sunday

Key Scripture - Psalm 118:26, John 12:12-19, Psalm 22, Psalm 37:7

What is Palm Sunday

Palms to crown of thorns

Struggle, fear and loss

Big Idea

Jesus brings growth and gifts out of heartbreak.

Psalm 22

5 References to Psalm 22 in the crucifixion narratives - Can you find all Five?

Of all the verses in the Old Testament why would Jesus quote Psalm 22:1 ?

Jesus Felt

Jesus knew - Psalm 22:31

How do we experience growth and gifts from heartbreak


Biblical grieving calls us to pour out our feelings and losses to God. 

Pete Scazzero

Identify the loss and accompanying emotion

Give yourself permission to experience the loss and feel it

Be willing to wait

Let go

Write it down

Jesus Wins