What kids can expect on a Sunday morning

In an effort to pursue multigenerational worship, we keep children in service with us during the musical worship portion of the morning (which is typically the first 25 minutes). During the service, children will be dismissed to the teachers who will walk them to the classroom. We know that children will make noises, it’s totally okay! Let them make a joyful noise to the Lord! Or even cry out in distress.

Signing your child in/out

A KidsRoads volunteer or staff will be near the entryway at each location from 8:50-9:15 with a clipboard for you to sign children in. Once you have filled in the sheet, your child(ren) will sit with you until being dismissed to the teachers.

We ask that the same parent/guardian who signed the child in be the same person who signs the child out at the end of service.  The teacher will have the sign in/out form for the parent/guardian to initial.

What will my child be doing?

While your child is in KidsRoads on Sunday mornings they will

  • play/color
  • hear a bible story
  • listen to worship music

Some weeks your child may

  • work on a ReachOUT project
  • do a special art project
  • play outside

What will my child be learning?

Each of our Bible based lessons has a story focus

The October Story Focuses are:

  • God is with me so I can be brave
  • God knows everything so I can be brave
  • God helps me do big jobs so I can be brave
  • God is powerful so I can be brave

The November Story Focuses are:

  • I can thank God for my family
  • I can thank God for my friends
  • I can thank God for food
  • I can say thank you

The December Story Focuses are:

  • God told us he would give us Jesus
  • Jesus is born!
  • God gave us Jesus because he loves us