Sunday Morning KidsRoads

What kids can expect on a Sunday morning


Check-ins occur between 8:45 and 9:15

At the check-in table, provide the volunteer with your child’s name

  • If it is your child's first time, you will be asked to provide some additional information such as your child's age/grade, any allergies, as well as your name and contact information so we can reach you if needed.

Give your child the name tag and hold on to the security tag for pick up

Drop your child off with the teacher and pass along any important information

Who can be signed in to KidsRoads?

Children 6 and under are always eligible to be signed in to KidsRoads

Children age 7 through 5th grade are encouraged to remain in service but may be signed in to KidsRoads at the parent's discretion

*All children are eligible to be signed in to KidsRoads during skill building

What will my child be doing?

While your child is in KidsRoads on Sunday mornings they will

  • play/color
  • hear a bible story
  • listen to worship music

Some weeks your child may

  • work on a ReachOUT project
  • do a special art project
  • play outside


Please pick children up promptly after service - no later than 10:15

Please have your security tag ready for the volunteers to check

Wait outside the classroom doors until a volunteer brings your child to you