Unexpected Savior

Unexpected Christmas - Savior Message & Notes from 12/23/18

Unexpected Savior

Key Scripture

John 1:45-46, Matthew 11:16 - 19, Proverbs 9:10, Hosea 6:6, Psalm 34:8, Jeremiah 9:23-24, Matthew 28:20, Psalm 139:7, Isaiah 9:6-7


Jesus will not always be the god you want Him to be but He is always the God you need Him to be.

What were the people of Jesus day expecting in a savior?

So what happened?

Pharisees (& scribes) 




The people of his day did not know what to do with Jesus

Avoid the trap of circumstances and feelings


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An ever increasing knowledge of God leads to humility and courage. Humility and courage allow us to see God as He intends to be seen and not as we want or expect Him to be.